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Ship info & specifications

First ship-name 1948 LV8 (active lightvessel 1949 untill 1991)
Lightvessel no. 8 was ordered in november 1946 by authority of Trinity House, London. First Launch was on october 15th 1948, official year of construction 1949. The LV8 served and completed a distinctive 42 years.

Lightvessel 8 specifications at first launch 1948:

- Builder: Philip & Son, Dartmouth, Devon, England
- Length o.a.: 137.25 feet (approx. 41.83 m)
- Length: 119 feet (approx. 36.27 m)
- Draft: 15 feet (approx. 4.57 m)
- Beam: 25 feet (approx. 7.62 m)
- Yard no.: 1171
- Contract price: 61,062 £
- Material: steel
- Lightning apparatus :
  Multi-Catoptric electrical 34.5 bhp Gardener
  H.S. Diesels, Fixed lantern, Fitted R/T
- Fog signal:
  Gardener Diesels driving Reavell QR
  Compressors 2 x 38 HP, G Diaphone

1949-1953 Kentish Knock station
1955, march 25th In collision with Panamanian steamer A.L. KENT
1956-1959 Sunk station
1959-1962 Dudgeon station
1962-1965 Outer Gabbard station
1965-1975 Tongue station
May 16th sold to F.L.M. Verbeek in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Second ship-name 1991 Barocca (active disco-ship 1991 untill 2001)
In 1991 converted into a disco-ship and renamed 'Barocca'. Location Wijnhaven, Rotterdam until closure* in 2001.
*due to much stricter dutch national safety regulations

Third ship-name 2004 Radio Waddenzee (radio-ship 2004 untill 2005)
The ship was moved on august 11th 2001 to Moerdijk, The Netherlands where it stayed for 3 years. On february 5th 2004 the ship was sold by notary to J.B. Nieuwland in Rotterdam to "LV Number eight BV". New owner Mr Rutteman from Rotterdam who berthed the Lightship in the Waalhaven. (He purchased the ship after an extensive search across Europe)

Fourth ship-name 2006 Jenni Baynton (radio-ship 2006 until today)
The LV8/Barocca was on june 26th 2005 towed from from Rotterdam to Harlingen in The Netherlands, she arrived at 2.15pm. On July 22nd 2006, after more then one year of hard work the ship was renamed into Jenni Baynton and moved to the Zuiderpier in Harlingen harbour to be mainly the home of Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull. In early 2007 a winter berth was found for the ship within the inner harbour at Harlingen. In march 2007 a proper radio mast was erected for the medium wave transmissions on 1602 kHz.

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